Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was looking through a magazine and came accross a picture of a girl who could be the double of a girl I used to know. She was a loyal client of mine for five years when I worked as an esthetician and nail technician. Whatever bills I had at the time, this girl surely helped pay them because she had money and was always at the salon. Thanks again, Morena, wherever you are. :0)


  1. What a wonderfully expressive colour Sharon, and she has great nails as well!

    I used to work with nail varnish as a glue for countless hours a day - I'm sure my memory loss is due to it. My husband has given up on telling me that he's already told me stuff!

    Another great drawing,



  2. Thanks Cindy! Yeah, those chemicals are pretty serious. I'm glad I stopped doing nails when I did. I became allergic to the acrylic and some of the glues and my hands swelled up just to touch them. I'm sure something must have happened to my brain too!

  3. Really nice. I like the color you chose in doing this.


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